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hello! thank you for visiting.

"maybe i'll figure it out next month" is a monthly zine featuring written and visual reflections on the past month. topics may include things like mental illness, post-grad life, job-searching, bands i like, art i'm into, tattoos i'm considering. because the zines are digital, they may take on some uniquely digital formats that couldn't be replicated with traditional, physical, printed zines. some months, the zine may be a pdf, some months perhaps a website, and others a short game.

each zine might include:

  • poetry
  • short fiction
  • playlists
  • "diary entry"-style written reflections
  • photos
  • illustrations
  • reflections
  • animations
  • music
  • games

if you are able and you choose to donate $5 for these zines, you'll get one year's worth of monthly zines, starting in june of 2018, for less than $0.50 a zine! that's pretty dang cheap! if you're able, i would greatly appreciate your support. if you're not, i still greatly appreciate you looking at and interacting with and generally being interested in my work. (if you're not able or inclined to donate, maybe you could consider  leaving me a comment or a rating or letting me know what you thought about the zine in some other way, instead? :) ) either way, thank you!

EDIT: to clarify, if you choose to donate, you've only gotta do that once! I mean, if you super want to donate again I won't tell ya not to, but the idea was to donate one time and then download all future zines for free.

i'll be uploading each month's zine to this space within a week of the next month starting.

month one: june, 2018

format: pdf, mpeg4 (if this format doesn't work for you, please let me know and I will figure out an alternative!), mp3

contents: "a case of the quiets," "tl;dr: dance like nobody's watching," "congraduations," "chillville, usa," + a cover of peach pit's "seventeen"

month two: july, 2018

format: pdf (the dimensions of an iphone! well, my iphone), mpeg4, mp3, + a couple phone backgrounds 4 u!!! (in png form)

contents: "jobsite.com," real notes i've left myself late at night, "grief," "birthday month," "mirror selfies," some phone backgrounds i made 4 u,  + a cover of flatsound's"if you love me, come clean" (recorded at around 3 am, like i'm literally falling asleep during the cover)

month three: august, 2018

format: pdf :-)

contents: some stuff about moving away from davis, my college town, and some memories that came up while i was working on the zine


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