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"maybe i'll figure it out next month" is a monthly zine. topics may include things like mental illness, post-grad life, job-searching, bands i like, tattoos i'm considering. because the zines are digital, they may take on some unique formats.

some things you might find in the zines:

  • poetry
  • short fiction
  • playlists
  • "diary entry"-style written reflections
  • photos
  • illustrations
  • reflections
  • animations
  • music
  • games

if you are able and you choose to donate $5 for these zines, you'll get one year's worth of monthly zines, starting in june of 2018, for less than $0.50 a zine! if you're able, i would greatly appreciate your support. if you're not, i still greatly appreciate you looking at and interacting with and generally being interested in my work, and i ask that you instead consider leaving me a comment or a rating or finding some other way to let me know your thoughts on the zine(s). either way, thank you!

EDIT: to clarify, if you choose to donate, you've only gotta do that once! I mean, if you super want to donate again I won't tell ya not to, but the idea was to donate one time and then download all future zines for free.

i'll be uploading each month's zine to this space within a week of the next month starting.

if you ever have any accessibility concerns with any of the zines, please let me know what i can do to make them more accessible to you!

month one: june, 2018

format: pdf, mpeg4 (if this format doesn't work for you, please let me know and I will figure out an alternative!), mp3

contents: "a case of the quiets," "tl;dr: dance like nobody's watching," "congraduations," "chillville, usa," + a cover of peach pit's "seventeen"

month two: july, 2018

format: pdf (the dimensions of an iphone! well, my iphone), mpeg4, mp3, + a couple phone backgrounds 4 u!!! (in png form)

contents: "jobsite.com," real notes i've left myself late at night, "grief," "birthday month," "mirror selfies," some phone backgrounds i made 4 u,  + a cover of flatsound's"if you love me, come clean" (recorded at around 3 am, like i'm literally falling asleep during the cover)

month three: august, 2018

format: pdf :-)

contents: some stuff about moving away from davis, my college town, and some memories that came up while i was working on the zine

month four: september, 2018

format: pdf :-)

contents: a letter, a comic, and some favorite things. this has been a difficult and triggering month for many, so this month's zine is a bit light. the letter does reference Christine Blasey Ford & Anita Hill, briefly, but the topic is only brought up to reiterate something that many people have needed to hear this month: I believe survivors. the zine ends in a playlist, which you can listen to here, on spotify.

month five: october, 2018

format: approx. 9-min animated video

contents: existential fear, speak your mind, grief, just plain ole fear, and six (count 'em, six) AJJ covers. not sure why it felt like a bit of an AJJ month. i guess, this time last year, i was listening to em a lot while i was getting my driver's license. anyways, because the video file was pretty massive, instead of making it available to download, i put it on youtube. here's a link. if you want something to download, though, i put up the mp3's of the covers. :)


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